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The power of community

Scott Pendlebury
Scott Pendlebury@SP_10
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The site and Discord are epic. Going to smash out those lessons today. Feel like this is exactly what i've been after to learn and skill myself. Much appreciation for you and the team. It's a heaven of a site.
Easton Wood
Easton Wood@Easton_Wood
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Mate i'm obsessed. Pouring over everything on here. As you've been saying, it's an easy to use platform that lays it all in front of you. Love the education, love the tutorials and love the watchlists the most! It's a fucking game changer man, so grateful you've opened up this world for us.
Andy Evans
Andy Evans@andypevans
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"Absolutely loving the platform. Honestly just from the discussion and group analysis alone, already made multiples of the membership fee within a few weeks. The discussion is unreal, the tips and recommendations provide a platform to research further and make education decisions. The ability to bounce ideas off other members and the TVI team is second to none".
Mattherw Rowse
Mattherw Rowse@matrowdii
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So far this week you guys have helped me turn $3k into $39,800. 4 days, 4 tips. 13x multiple...while the market was tanking. Absolutely loving the learning and very appreciated of this epic community
Tyrone Xureb
Tyrone Xureb@tyronneee_
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You lads killed it! Easy to understand content for anyone to pick up, the website is broken down so well, so easy to navigate. There's so much juicy content to get through! Couldn't sleep last night that's how excited I was for this! Y'all are a blessing.
Kevin An
Kevin An@notyourordinarykevin
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The TVI content was far more than anything I could ask for, honestly I learnt so much! I returned my profits within 2 days of learning the TVI material and learnt how to trade with no emotions. That was a game changer and sticking to the strategies implemented for each investment.
Mitch Todd
Mitch Todd@mitchtodd
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48 hours and i’ve already made back my subscription
Nick Hewawissa
Nick Hewawissa @NickWizzz
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Those gains have covered the yearly subscription cost in under 24 hours
Nadeem Shaker
Nadeem Shaker@rjnadeemshaker
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All because of TVI you guys changed my life, can’t thank you enough!
Sumana Vatula
Sumana Vatula@sumanaxo
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I recommend you guys to literally everyone whenever I talk about investing. I've learnt so much from you guys, literally my gateway to being financially literate. They don't teach you this stuff in school or in any form of education!
Matt Morwood
Matt Morwood@mattmorwood
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My running P&L just hit $1,000 for the first time. Thanks for all the help so far!
Aman Isaacs
Aman Isaacs@amanisaacs4
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Literally with your signals here and there I've managed to grow my small account to US$10k!
Janith Samarakoon
Janith Samarakoon@janithsamarakoon_
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The platform is fkn's actually ridiculous the quality of conent
Daniel Santopietro
Daniel Santopietro@dan.santo91
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Those gains have covered the yearly subscription cost in under 24 hours
Daniela Glavan
Daniela Glavan@dglavan
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Also just want to say I haven’t had a chance to properly immerse myself in your content (this weekend’s goal 🤞) but just from following your insta and reading things on discord, I’ve already cracked my 5k goal!!! Might seem like nothing to you big dogs but that was my 3 month goal and it’s happened in a month on crypto alone. Can’t believe it - keep doing what you’re doing, can’t wait to see what happens when I properly wrap my head around everything and finish all the videos 🙏🙏
Agushan	Manoranchan
Agushan Manoranchan@agush16
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Honestly! I just want to take my time to thank each and every one of you for making this so much fun! Helping one another is so rare these days since most just want to see the other fall but honestly appreciate you and the TVI group! Y'all are the real MPVSs!
Andy Thomas
Andy Thomas@andyytom
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I'm up to lesson 5 and i'm loving it. So simple and easy to understand. Love the variety in mentors. If only this stuff was taught in school...
Jason Brohier
Jason Brohier@jase1305
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I feel like you guys have opened my eyes. Going through each of the videos made me realise how reckless I have been with my investing. I only started investing in April and have slowly increased since then. I'm currently up 27% on my total investment which is so much better than keeping my money in a savings account. But while watching your lessons and thinking back on trades that I made just made me realise how much more I could have made if I had just known. So I really wanted to say thanks. I can't express how excited I am over text.